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A Mother’s Instincts Never Fail

Being a mom is the best privilege, honor, and everything I could ever imagine. There’s highs and lows, but so much goodness comes out of it. From the moment we see that positive sign on that stick we immediately activate our mama bear instincts. We protect that baby in the womb, outside the womb, and even when they become adults.

I have an incredible relationship with my daughter and our bond is strong. I am a mother that pays close attention and when I noticed these changes in her development I decided to consult her pediatrician. Her dad would constantly say “She’s fine. She’ll grow out of it”. Around 15 months my daughter’s progress changed. She went from talking and walking correctly to regressing in language and became rather clumsy.

To be honest, I was deeply worried and I didn’t want to make an assumption but my educational background in psychology and early childhood development alerted me to the possibility that my daughter may be experiencing signs of developmental delay. The problem is she was reaching her developmental milestones and then suddenly she went in reverse. Was it something I did? I felt as if I needed to blame something in order to feel better about the situation.

The onset of the pandemic really messed things up in my quest to get answers for my daughter. I didn’t want to be that parent in denial and it was bad enough my partner was. I knew I needed to get answers and to get my daughter help. Fast forward we finally get an appointment with a neurologist, completed the ADOS test, and got an answer. The neurologist was reluctant to give an official diagnosis as my daughter showed stronger capacities than most children that are severely on the spectrum.

Most people have said to me that my daughter is quite smart. She really is a brilliant child, but we just need to close those gaps. Early intervention is the best course of action. Autism is a unique developmental case, but those that are on the spectrum greatly vary and even some of the most brilliant minds were found to be autistic.

Early intervention has proven to be the key in the success of those individuals. In most cases, you could never tell that a child was once diagnosed with the condition. Autism is so complex, but is also really interesting. These individuals can really inspire you. My daughter has been a huge blessing and inspiration for me. It was going through this journey that made me change my profession. I have become more involved with Autism awareness and am mentoring youth that are on the spectrum.

This was a journey that I never thought I would be on, but it’s helped me in so many ways. It’s not sunshine and lollipops when having a child that can’t clearly communicate with you, and it can get frustrating for the both of us. We’ve learned to communicate with one another and we’ve learned to develop our own understanding. It’s getting better each day and therapy has helped tremendously. There’s been less extreme meltdowns and tantrums, and more of how can we better assist “Lamb”?

I’m hopeful that my daughter will be communicating clearer very soon. I feel that God chose me to be this little girl’s mom because He knew I would be able to handle this task. Even though it has been difficult and exhausting, there is absolutely no way I’m giving up on her. Being “Lamb’s” mom is truly an honor. She’s my greatest achievement and motivation. Helping her is my top priority and she’s coming along quite well. This journey is far from over, but we’re learning more and more how to manage. We’re taking it one day at a time.